VerticalPoint Solutions

VerticalPoint has developed a unique approach to solving compliance challenges. Our New Science of Compliance approach connects the information needed to verify compliance with employees, executives, and your legal, financial and other trusted advisors. We architect compliance solutions that reduce compliance risk and costs while cutting operating costs and increasing competitiveness.
We help our clients achieve extraordinary results with our collaborative “App” creation process. We get business, compliance and IT aligned by integrating compliance into business workflows on a standard technology platform. We empower people from the bottom up to do their job better while providing transparency from the top down. Like everything else we do, we do this with passion and focus.

Architecting Compliance Solutions

Executive Team & Overview


How We Work

We are committed to helping our entire community of employees, customers, consultants and strategic partners achieve extraordinary results when they collaborate with us. Like everything else we do, we do this with passion and focus.


Our Vision

VerticalPoint creates technical solutions that deliver transparency and efficiency for transactions, operations and compliance in the financial services industry.